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Antifreeze/Coolant Manufacturer in Southern California

Azure Coolant is the most trusted solution to all heavy-duty & automotive applications.
Azure Coolants is a leading supplier and marketer of antifreeze/coolants in the United States, delivering premium solutions to several thousands of users.

At Azure, we explore a customized technology to offer Antifreeze/Coolants fluid products, ensuring a safe and proper storing, transferring, and handling process. We build our customers and brand using high-performance products and superior service, primarily in the automotive & heavy-duty aftermarket.

Why Azure Coolants Antifreeze Products?

We take pride in our unique and pragmatic approach to manufacturing Antifreeze products that meet the exact needs of our customers. At Azure, we are committed to creating unique customer experiences, working tirelessly to establish a positive impact on the coolant manufacturing business worldwide.

People choose Azure Coolants for the following reasons:

Investment Protection

We manufacture innovative products at Azure Coolants, offering your engine premium protection against corrosion and rust, thereby ensuring the optimal performance of your vehicle. Our products help you reduce engine repair costs, regardless of your vehicle type.

100% Extended Engine Life Guarantee

The advanced and customized technology we explore at Azure Coolants is responsible for the extended engine life guarantee that accompanies our coolants and antifreeze products. We develop products that protect your engine’s cooling system from corrosion, buildup, etc. while providing overall increased value for your automobile.

Family Protection

Azure Coolant/Antifreeze products help save you from inconvenient situations such as vehicle break down on the road. We work assiduously to ensure our products are effective enough to prevent engine failure.

Protect Your Car with Azure Coolants Products Today

Our Products

Azure Coolant Conventional Nitrated in GREEN Color

AZURE Conventional GREEN Antifreeze/Coolant

AZURE Hevay Duty Extended Life RED

AZURE Heavy Duty Extended Life PINK

AZURE Automotive All Engine Extended Life GOLD

AZURE Automotive Extended life BLUE

AZURE Automotive Extended life RED

AZURE Automotive Extended lifeORANGE



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