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About Us

We are the leading manufacturer, marketer, and supplier of antifreeze and coolant products in Southern California, United States. Delivering efficient and innovative products, we have worked tirelessly to build a base of loyal customers using excellent performance products and great service delivery.

We take pride in our wealth of experience in processing and supplying petrochemical products, PVC, fertilizers, DEF, and other products, giving us a competitive edge over other manufacturers. Azure Coolants explores dedication, expertise, and automated approaches to deliver high-quality products, creating solutions for their customers’ fleet. We offer several packaging and quantity options, including totes, jugs, drums, and bulk supplies. Likewise, our delivery is also highly accommodating to your needs.

At Azure Coolants, we find suitable opportunities, take appropriate risks and decisions, consequently creating antifreeze products to help our customers protect their truck or automobile’s engines. We are dedicated to delivering quality consistently every day!

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to become a trusted manufacturer and supplier of antifreeze/coolant technologies for our customers while providing unparalleled, passionate service delivery.

Our Vision

We focus on identifying and exploiting profitable opportunities, ultimately meeting our customers’ needs. Our vision is to create unique and innovative antifreeze/coolant products with an unmatchable competition.

Our Values

Our core values at Azure Coolants are:


Our Partners

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We have 10 years experience on Market

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in supplying and processing petrochemical products, PVC, fertilizers, DEF and other products.

Work Hours

Our Support and Sales team is available 24 /7 to answer your queries

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